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What is Tradestreaming?

Part 1: Intro

Part 1: Intro

Does your head spin with the vast amount of financial information on the Internet? Are Tradestreaming is a better way to investyou bombarded with numerous talking heads, each one purporting to have developed a better mousetrap system to improve investor performance?

Tradestreaming is all about using the Internet and social mediato make better, more accurate — more informed — investment decisions.

Part 2: Intro

Part 2: Intro

Trying to beat the market may be enjoyable, but it’s a

sucker’s game and not one that I want to play anymore. Social media has made it possible to easily re-create battlefield-proven investment strategies of all sorts.

Tradestreaming describes the strategies, how they work, and how investors can begin using them to become better investors. Investing is an ongoing learning process. Reading this book should be the start of that process, not the end.

Ride the Long Tail

Ride the Long Tail

Bloggers are quickly rivaling analysts in their capacity to research stocks. This new model provides investors with a Tradestreaming: riding the long tail of financial contentreal-time research platform to bubble up previously undiscovered investment opportunities and then surgically analyze them.

Blogger opinion resides in the long tail, a tremendously valuable repository of information just waiting to be tapped.

Piggyback Investing

Piggyback Investing

Today’s investing environment is characterized by increasing levels Tradestreaming and piggyback investingof transparency to some of the top hedge funds’ activities.  They’re required to file periodic reports of their holdings -- a gold mine of information and a window into where these guru investors are putting their billions.

With Tradestreaming and mimicking hedge fund activity, we essentially outsource our research to the most profitable funds and invest alongside them.

Follow the Insiders

Follow the Insiders

Tradestreaming is all about following the smart money: hedge funds, smart crowds, and certainly, corporate insiders.  Portfolios can be designed to take advantage of this data and profits can be made by mimicking these activities.

Corporate insiders have been show to be great investors.  With a great overview of the business, these investors put their hard-earned money where they expect to get a greater return -- trouncing markets over time.

Crowdsource your Portfolio

Crowdsource your Portfolio

The wisdom of the crowds has been used to better predict world events like elections and sporting events. It’s now being used for more accurate forecasting of stock prices. Instead of following experts, crowdsourcing investment ideas seeks to assess what the masses think about a specific stock -- frequently more accurate in its predictions than top analysts.

Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter enable all this to happen.  Tradestreaming seeks to follow the wisdom of the crowds.

Screening 2.0

Screening 2.0

Screening 2.0 allows us to recreate history’s best investment strategies, computerize Tradestreaming and Screening 2.0them, and then look for stocks that guru investors like Ken Fisher, Benjamin Graham, and Peter Lynch would have purchased themselves.

Screening 2.0 is the marriage of search technologies and artificial intelligence with quantitative investing.  Tradestream integrates this into making better -- more accurate -- investments.

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Tradestreaming is all about using the Internet (and in particular, social media sites like Twitter)  to make better, more accurate — more informed — investment decisions.

Let’s face it: most investors struggle to beat the markets.  We make great stock picks but we also buy losers and don’t sell them soon enough.  The research shows that individuals (and many professionals) struggle to keep up with (let alone, beat) the stock market.

There is a better way and that’s where Tradestreaming comes in.  Tradestreaming uses powerful Internet tools to boost performance by tracking proven techniques that have been shown to work.  By using this powerful form of mimicry, much of the guesswork has been taken out of the investment process.

By plugging into the massive amount of profitable information online — the collective Tradestream – investors can piggyback on the successes of others and their strategies to build better portfolios for the long term.

Start here

You can start learning about Tradestreaming in 3 easy steps:

  1. Buy the book
  2. Sign up for the Tradestreaming community
  3. Begin participating by learning and sharing!

Thanks for joining me on this journey.  Please sign up and check back to the site frequently as I’ll be rolling out some more interesting things to help you tradestream.

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