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The Investor’s Guide to the Low Volatility Anomaly

Kudos to Tadas (like how that sounds) at Abnormal Returns for his recent blogging and book about what’s know as the low volatility anomaly. Simply, accepted theory is that higher volatility stocks (ie riskier) should perform better than lower volatility ones over time. You know, the old risk-return tradeoff. The thing is that in practice, … Continue Reading

Investing on the edge: Weekly update on tech, social media and investing (May 22, 2012)

Subscribers (free) to my newsletter received the following this week. It’s my best-shot at providing an overview on important research and new investment strategies new technologies, apps, and platforms for investors insights into the behavior of investors changes in the investment business Subscribe here to signup. Investment Products How fund firms are luring advisors to … Continue Reading

Become an indomitable investor — with Steven Sears

To build and protect wealth, Investors don’t need another get-rich-quick scheme. Instead, look at history’s best investors to understand the basics of investing, the players in the market and their different priorities, what works and what doesn’t, and how to manage volatility. Steven Sears, editor and columnist at Barron’s, has written just such a book. … Continue Reading

Will the future of wealth management really be “virtual”?

I’ve been chatting with a few friends over the past couple of days about which model will prevail for wealth management in years to come. 2 sides to the argument Essentially, there are 2 sides to the argument: virtualists: The virutalists are banking on a future where investment advisors will prospect, deliver advice, and service … Continue Reading

Creating a popular investment strategy marketplace – with Matthew Klein

Today’s Internet means unprecedented accessibility and transparency for investors — a huge opportunity to learn from and invest like some of the smartest and most talented investors. One place this is clearly manifested is at Collective2.com, a marketplace of trading strategies. Whether you’re a publisher or a consumer, a writer or reader — investors can … Continue Reading

FutureAdvisor launches free investment app — with cofounder, Bo Lu

The future for a lot of investors is through online advice — automated applications that scan our portfolios and make recommendations to lower fees and optimize our holdings. Launching today, FutureAdvisor will do just that, for free. Focused on long term, cost-conscious investors, the web app monitors holdings, bubbles up ways to save on fees, … Continue Reading

About Tradestreaming

Tradestreaming is a community of investors learning directly from experts. I’m Zack Miller, investor, entrepreneur, and founder of Tradestreaming.com and I literally wrote the book on how to invest in the age of Facebook and Twitter. Tradestreaming is the resource I’ve created to help me become a better investor.  I believe it will help you … Continue Reading