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Using Google to forecast a stock’s reaction to earnings reports – with Darren Roulstone

Smart investors are looking at various data sets to help give them an edge with their investing. Some of this information is financial in nature — much of it isn’t. Professor Darren Roulstone has studied how investors are using Google to search out financial information and what search volume may say about future stock prices.

We are all Greece

I have this recurring nightmare. Actually, I’ve got a lot of frequent bad dreams but this one’s particularly chilling. Things were O.K. at work.  I was growing my responsibilities, my authority. I was getting promoted quickly. I was making money. So, like a financial optimist, I bet on the future and started borrowing. It started … Continue Reading

How Michelle Obama added $5B in market cap to apparel stocks – with David Yermack

David Yermack, a professor at NYU’s Stern School of Business, studied the first lady’s impact on apparel stocks for companies associated with outfits she wore. The results are impressive: she added over $5B in equity value to those firms in aggregate and stocks typically went up almost 2% in the week following her appearance. What … Continue Reading

What are the best market indicators?

I’ve had a couple of readers write in recently asking what I think the best market indicators are. It’s a hard question — I don’t think of them in terms of best or worst. More, there are useful indicators at different junctions in the market and really, they’re all part of an investor toolbox. But, … Continue Reading

Why a stock’s ticker matters – with Vallapuzha Sandhya

How do investors discover what to buy? How do we find investment opportunities? In Does Investor Attention Affect Stock Prices?, Researchers found that small cap stocks with ticker symbols similar to larger cap stocks went up in sympathy with their larger cap brothers. In fact, these attention portfolios saw 1-3% abnormal returns. Pretty interesting, so … Continue Reading

The cruiseline tragedy and the unexpected lesson for investors

There’s an old adage in the investment field. It’s become almost folk knowledge that you’re supposed to buy on the rumor and sell on the news. Simply, that means that the investment gains are made before news breaks. Once the news — good or bad — makes its way into the media, most of the … Continue Reading

About Tradestreaming

Tradestreaming is a community of investors learning directly from experts. I’m Zack Miller, investor, entrepreneur, and founder of Tradestreaming.com and I literally wrote the book on how to invest in the age of Facebook and Twitter. Tradestreaming is the resource I’ve created to help me become a better investor.  I believe it will help you … Continue Reading