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Beginner’s Guide to Motif Investing

The investing landscape has changed tremendously over the past few years — mostly in ways that directly benefit individual investors. Transparency is increasing Fees are decreasing Brokers are being phased out in favor of Registered Investment Advisors Assets are moving from expensive, actively managed mutual funds to low cost, passively managed exchange traded funds (ETFs) … Continue Reading

App of the Week: HelloWallet

As much as we talk about the advances in investing technologies/platforms on Tradestreaming, personal finance tools are really kicking it. One of the most popular is HelloWallet. Like the model that its predecessor Mint.com pioneered, HelloWallet is meant to not only track and manage personal spending/budgets, but optimize them as well. Visualizing your financial life … Continue Reading

Company Profile: Betterment

Name: Betterment Website: www.betterment.com What it does: Betterment has one of the easiest-to-use, slickest interfaces to manage a balanced portfolio for long-term investors. Fund your account (you can automate this) and dial in your preferred risk mix and Betterment chooses a basket of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) for your portfolio in accordance to Modern Portfolio Theory. … Continue Reading

Investing in people with peer to peer loans – with Lending Club’s Renaud Laplanche

I have to admit: investing in peer to peer loans didn’t initially appeal to me. I thought it would be hard to assess the risk in lending to individuals — after all, that’s what banks get paid the big bucks for, right? But 5 years after Lending Club first launched its website, the firm has … Continue Reading

Dueling investing apps: How to best forecast earnings

In investing, earnings drive stock prices. The thing is, though, for many higher growth firms, it’s really hard to determine just how likely a firm is to hit its stated targets. An earnings miss — or even a hint of one – can be disastrous to share prices. So, investors spend a lot of time listening to … Continue Reading

Review: Get professional advice for your 401k from Kivalia

In a world without guaranteed pensions, responsibility for retirement planning falls on investors’ (not-wide-enough) shoulders. Thankfully, the 401(k) account is a great way to save for retirement by delaying taxes and encouraging company matching programs (yep, that’s free money). But, while investors have seen the options of what they can invest in improve over the … Continue Reading

About Tradestreaming

Tradestreaming is a community of investors learning directly from experts. I’m Zack Miller, investor, entrepreneur, and founder of Tradestreaming.com and I literally wrote the book on how to invest in the age of Facebook and Twitter. Tradestreaming is the resource I’ve created to help me become a better investor.  I believe it will help you … Continue Reading