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What the fat IPO pipeline means for investors

The size of the opportunity We’re gearing up for some really interesting activity in the IPO market in 2010.  To put things in perspective, in 2010, IPOs returned 72% more money than the companies that exited in 2009 (although at $40B, that’s still about 40% less than peak levels in 2007). According to Sarah Lacy’s … Continue Reading

Could the rise of the minivan signal good things for autos?

OK, OK, I think the marketing of new minivans has gotten away from itself.  Breaking the stigma of the vehicle of choice for soccer moms, new adverts use heavy metal and romance to lure new buyers But, according to the NY Times, this edgy messaging to rebrand the minivan as something really cool is working. Analysts … Continue Reading

Trade against the 90% of investors who lose money

As we know, most retail traders/investors underperform market indices as their trading volume goes up. I discuss in Tradestream the book about overconfidence and loss aversion as two contributors to this effect.   Pivotfarm looks at how retail investors are positioned on currency pairs and then goes the other way. No major changes seen exiting the … Continue Reading

Stock markets continue to lose share to private exchanges

Institutional investors with large blocks of shares to sell don’t just open up an account at E*Trade and dump them into the market.  Doing so tips their hands and astute short sellers can hop a ride on stocks being disposed, making money along the way and reducing profits for the institutional seller. Conversely, if an … Continue Reading

Retail Brokerage Manifesto

I’ve been in the investment business for 10 years now wearing a variety of hats.  I’ve been a hedge fund analyst (small cap/tech/retail/food), ran business development for Seeking Alpha, and hold both a brokerage rep license (Series 7) and an investment advisory license (Series 65). For the nuanced, a broker makes a living transacting stuff … Continue Reading

Tradestreaming Radio #3: Monetizing financial content, benchmarking 2.0

The latest edition of Tradestreaming radio is out and it’s a good one. You’re not going to want to miss an in-depth interview with leading financial ad network Investing Channel‘s founder/CEO, Nikesh Desai Nikesh shares his view on where the industry stands today and where it’s headed we discuss strategies on how to better monetize … Continue Reading

About Tradestreaming

Tradestreaming is a community of investors learning directly from experts. I’m Zack Miller, investor, entrepreneur, and founder of Tradestreaming.com and I literally wrote the book on how to invest in the age of Facebook and Twitter. Tradestreaming is the resource I’ve created to help me become a better investor.  I believe it will help you … Continue Reading