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Who are the top marketers in online finance?

Posted on January 20, 2012 at 9:37 am

The real story behind growth of online finance companies is that growing true Internet investment firms has moved from an exercise in mass-market brand building to true Internet marketing — including building sales funnels, conversion, and monetization.

So, who do you think are some of the most talented marketers in finance? I’ve put a few down in the list below.

Feel free to vote . Who else belongs on this list?

Zack Miller Zack Miller
8 items   2.36k views

Who are the top marketers in online finance?

Who do you think belongs on this list? Who's doing the best job with marketing in online finance: messaging, branding, and bringing new prospects/clients to their firms?

Source: http://www.tradestreaming.com/2012/01/20/who-are-the-top-marketers-in-online-finance/

Who are the top marketers in online finance? | Mark Bufalini (LearnVest)

Mark is the director of user acquisition at LearnVest.

Who are the top marketers in online finance? | David Frankel (EDGAR Online)

David Frankel is the CMO at EDGAR Online. Previous, FirstRain, Jaywalk, FactSet

Who are the top marketers in online finance? | Greg Isenberg (Wall Street Survivor)

Greg is steeped in the ethos of social media and startup culture. Greg, a digital jack of all trades, has spent the last decade building consumer-web startups that have been featured on Mashable, The Huffington Post, Business Insider, AOL and more.

Who are the top marketers in online finance? | Hilary Fetter (DailyWorth)

Strategic marketer with online and offline experience, from start ups to big 'ole household names. The entrepreneurial, in-the-trenches start-up environment is what energizes her most, with runners up including smart ideas, crisp messaging, tight ROI, creative genius, good cheese, cute beagles, and deep powder days.

Who are the top marketers in online finance? | Sam Yount (Personal Capital)

VP of Marketing for Personal Capital

Who are the top marketers in online finance? | Stephanie Sammons (Wired Advisor)

From time to time I write about personal wealth and investing. I was a financial advisor for 15+ years after all, so it's a part of who I am.

Who are the top marketers in online finance? | Ramit Sethi (I Will Teach You To Be Rich)

Are you tired of useless, obvious "financial advice"? Looking for proven systems to make more money? Tell me where to send your free Insider's Kit, and you'll see for yourself why the biggest media outlets on the planet ask me for advice.

Who are the top marketers in online finance? | Jennifer Doyle (Motif Investing)
Business and Marketing Strategy Direct Marketing Branding Product Marketing Public Company; 10,001+ employees; SCHW; Financial Services industry Led team of 24 marketing professionals in implementation of all online and offline retail client campaigns to drive acquisition, engagement and profitability.


  • Who are the top business development peeps in online finance?

    Posted on January 26, 2012 at 12:44 pm UTC

    Biz dev is the lifeblood of online finance (hey, I should know).

    It’s deals and partnerships that are driving the growth of many of these top online finance startups.

    I went through this list and named the top biz dev people in Finance 2.0. But the list is very incomplete — who do YOU think belongs on the list? 

    Who’s the top business development person in online finance?  Vote below.

    Zack Miller Zack Miller
    10 items   1.84k views

    Who are the top business development pros in online finance?

    These guys (and gals) are out there, inking deals and growing their companies through partnerships.

    Who do you think should be on this list? Where do you rank?

    Source: http://www.tradestreaming.com/2012/01/26/who-are-the-top-business-development-peeps-in-online-finance/

    Who are the top business development pros in online finance? | Ben Weiss (StockTwits)

    Internet industry May 2010 - Present (1 year 9 months) New York, NY Manage the New York Office, lead strategic partnerships with key API partners, including Thomson Reuters and Bloomberg, lead institutional services for bulge bracket financial clients, support the corporate services business line, and work with several operational components of the company.

    Who are the top business development pros in online finance? | Rama Sadasivan (SigFig)

    Rama runs strategic partnerships for SigFig.

    Who are the top business development pros in online finance? | Michael Rodov (Seeking Alpha)

    Mike heads up business development for Seeking Alpha.

    Who are the top business development pros in online finance? | Michael Dehm (Yahoo Finance)

    Successful digital media executive with 16 years experience in researching, negotiating, closing and implementing high profile deals & partnerships with Fortune 100 companies; possessing a proven history in developing new marketing and revenue streams on a national and global level.

    Who are the top business development pros in online finance? | Michael Graf (optionMONSTER)

    Mike runs business development for optionMONSTER.

    Who are the top business development pros in online finance? | Virginio Cavalli (Bankrate)

    Virge is the VP of Business Development at Bankrate.

    Who are the top business development pros in online finance? | Mike Jones (Wall Street Journal)

    Mike runs business and audience development for the WSJ.

    Who are the top business development pros in online finance? | Katie Schaeffer (Schaeffer's Investment Research)

    Katie is a fireplug biz dev.

    Who are the top business development pros in online finance? | Sally Wood (Kapitall)

    Financial Services industry March 2008 - Present (3 years 11 months) Kapitall is an online financial start-up that has just launched its private beta program. To sign up for the beta please go to https://www.kapitall.com and let us know what you think!

    Who are the top business development pros in online finance? | Are you looking for quality technology solutions?

    Creative technology freaks, with passion and commitment to service our worldwide clients with our wide range of IT solutions. Know why and how we're different! We offer customized and result-oriented business IT solutions to enterprises and enhance their business performance.



  • Sh*t investors say

    Posted on January 25, 2012 at 1:35 pm UTC

    I know, I know…It may be trite but I thought it would be a fun post to write.

    Sh*t investors say

    1. “I want to turn $100k into $5 million”: Possible? Yes. Likely? No. It’s a real discussion going on on Quora now. The best way to grow a portfolio is by continuing to add to it (even better if your employer can match — that’s free money). To get 75% compounded returns, I personally like the answer to buy a $7 million life insurance policy and have an “accident”.
    2. “But Suze Orman says to…”: I hear this one a lot. It’s best not to have gurus. Not Suze. Not Dave. Not me. These guys are great to learn from. Go ahead and glean. The good ones are great teachers and offer great learning opportunities. But they’re out to build their own businesses. And as we’re learning in SuzeOrmanGate (my term), they’re liable to sell you stuff that’s just not good for you. I’m not picking on Orman — she’s done great things for people. But gurus are human and stumble sometimes.
    3. This investing stuff is easy”: No, it’s not. Sure, clicking buy or sell on your online trading account is pretty simple but the act of investing — planning, risk management, asset allocation — is hard. At least just for the fact that much of the process requires us to fight against our natural, human inclinations.
    4. “This strategy is a printing press — it always works”: Strategies work until they don’t. Many strategies, like my hedge fund piggybacking strategy, was developed by backtesting results. I don’t expect it to EVER work as well as the results because I designed it to maximum those results.
    5. “Well, Buffett owns it”: Hey, I’m a big fan of following the smart money. Heck, hedge fund replication strategies are built upon the idea that they know more than we do. But don’t ever confuse a single stock pick for an investment strategy. When Buffett buys something, it’s a piece of a larger pie, an additional piece in an investing puzzle known only to him. Beware of cherrypicking guru stock picks.
    6. “You should check out this hot little small cap I just bought. I’m up 100% already”: OK, tough guy. I’d like to see your cost basis on this one. Not that I accuse you of lying but people stretch the truth when talking about their winning ideas. They also don’t happen to mention the ones that they got wrong. Unless they’re audited results like Chris Camillo posted (he turned $20k into $2M — I guess they could be forged), take these claims with a very large bucket of salt.
    7. “You should really subscribe to this penny stock newsletter I get. Great info”: Investors — many smart, educated people — turn their brains off when they subscribe to free or premium newsletters. Many blindly swing at every pitch. The penny stock newsletters are published by stock manipulators. They get paid by large investors to prop up prices, so they can exit their positions. Many are compensated in stock, which incentivizes them to pump ‘em up.
    8. “I’m out! This market is rigged.”: Well, it might be but it still plays by some rules. Insiders have always profited — leveling the playing field with REG FD (requiring public disclosures of important information) didn’t change that. But use the tilt in the field to your advantage. Mimic the insiders and create strategies that follow their trading. I just wrote a free ebook: The Harvard Guide to Insider Trading that describes this technique.
    9. “I don’t know what to do — my broker sucks a$$”: He might. Many do, but there are plenty of trustworthy good financial professionals (yes, even brokers) out there. They put their clients first not matter whether they have taken the fiduciary duty or not. But if you’ve had bad luck, keep looking. Try an online advisor like Covestor (I do freelancing work ) or Personal Capital. or Wealthfront (I’m a freelance writer).  Use Wikinvest portfolio tools (I’m an editorial contributor) or portfolio optimizer, Jemstep. I especially like what Hedgeable is doing. Don’t be complacent – there are new solutions out there that may just work better than the old ones.
    10. “My friends and I are getting into a small real estate deal. We’ll let you in if you behave.”: Sounds like an investment cult to me. If they’re really your friends, I’m not sure you’d have to beg to get into a small deal they’re putting together. Friends get burnt all the time by getting sucked into sucker deals. That doesn’t mean to take a pass on everything that comes your way but it does mean to be very, very, very, very, very picky about who and what you invest in.

    photo by indi.ca


  • What was Suze Orman smoking when she launched her investment newsletter? (Money)

    Posted on January 24, 2012 at 12:45 pm UTC


  • How to plan an awesome career in finance – with Roy Cohen

    Posted on January 22, 2012 at 1:25 pm UTC

    Roy Cohen is a master career coach. His experience as in-house career coach for Goldman Sachs launched a career in which Cohen has helped thousands of financial professionals.

    He’s the author of the very useful The Wall Street Professional’s Survival Guide

    In this week’s episode of Tradestreaming Radio, you’ll learn about:

    • where the jobs are headed on Wall Street
    • what successful candidates are doing to land their dream jobs
    • common mistakes people make with their financial careers
    • traits shared by top performers

    Awesome opportunity

    Roy is also joining me at the 4 Days to a Better Job: 2012 Finance Career Bootcamp. You’ll get access to Roy and 8 other experts to literally supercharge your job search. Great if you’re trying to break into Wall Street, hedge funds, etc and equally useful if you’re in the market for a better job.

    Loyal listeners of my podcast get an additional 25% off  - if you sign up before January 31. Use the special code PODCAST  to get your discount. Go here to buy your tickets.

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  • The antidote to poor investing returns

    Posted on January 20, 2012 at 12:25 pm UTC

    One of the holy grails of financial research is to be able to identify those traits that make for better investors.


    Because if we can isolate those skills top investors have, we can strengthen our own investment activity accordingly.

    A recent study looked at the connection between IQ and stock market participation.

    The real results aren’t what everyone is focused on…

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