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Playing not to lose sometimes means you lose

Everyone has seen pro basketball players commit fouls early in a game. The coach faces a conundrum. Does he Leave the player in the game: he may play to full potential and contribute Yank him: scared of fouling out of the game, he may play sub-optimally This decision making process has always been kind of … Continue Reading

New study uncovers the ‘new’ influentials in financial blogosphere

Interesting new study (see below) from Mindful Money.  Investors are certainly turning to non-traditional sources of information as inputs into their investment decisions.  But this appears to be the first time that the interconnections within the financial blogosphere have been studied.  The social media train — and specifically, actionable, investable content — continues to chug ahead. … Continue Reading

Follow the Insiders: Insider buying/selling for 1/13/11

Lots of multiple, ongoing insider buying going on at International Speedway Corp, $ISCA, and York Water, $YORW, and at CNB Corp ($CNBW) as well, with a singular large sale at Unit Corp, $UNT. (J3SG) More on the imbalanced selling going on in the market  in general and at $AMZN, $HPQ, $ATHR, and $QCOM in particular. … Continue Reading

Tradestreaming Investor Daily Meditation

If markets display some level of collective intelligence, I’m just a blip on a larger terminal screen, sometimes outsmarting Mr. Market but frequently not.

Tradestream Investor Daily Meditation

I am thankful for all the winning trades I’ve made and the chance to profit from my work. I am thankful for all the losing investments I’ve made so that I can learn to become better at what I do.

Preliminary hedge fund index performance for December 2010

Key highlights for the month: Hedge Funds bounced back after muted performance in November, as the Dow Jones Credit Suisse Hedge Fund index rose an estimated 3.01%. Nine out of ten sectors posted positive performance for the month. The industry is expected to finish up 11.07% for the year. The Event Driven sector posted the … Continue Reading

About Tradestreaming

Tradestreaming is a community of investors learning directly from experts. I’m Zack Miller, investor, entrepreneur, and founder of Tradestreaming.com and I literally wrote the book on how to invest in the age of Facebook and Twitter. Tradestreaming is the resource I’ve created to help me become a better investor.  I believe it will help you … Continue Reading