Advisors, get warm referrals now – with Justin Wisz

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The holy grail for investment advisor marketing is getting your existing clients to refer you to their friends.

Where traditional marketing may close 5% of the time, warm referrals result in new business close to 90% of the time.

Blogging has helped put advisors on the map, on the Internet, but it hasn’t resulted in a ton of new business for most advisors.

Vestorly aims to change that. Co-founder and CEO, Justin Wisz joins us on Tradestreaming Radio to discuss why traditional content marketing isn’t working for advisors and why Vestorly is a better solution for garnering warm referrals.

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About Justin

Justin Wisz is the CEO and co-founder of Vestorly and AdvisorLeap.

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  1. Stephanie Sammons

    Hi Zack just curious about the blogging comment you made in the text of your post. Our data shows that the financial advisors who are blogging consistently with good content, distributing through social channels, and utilizing a compelling on-site call to action are indeed generating new client relationships. The caveat is that it takes time to build and grow the asset, but there is definitely a tipping point.

  2. Tradestreaming

    Hi Steph
    For sure — Justin’s point was that the blogging environment is better for discovery (here I am online!) than it is for generating referrals (the holy grail of an advisory practice) or even ongoing conversation with clients.
    That was a hard pill for me to swallow at first but I think he’s right: from the user behavior I’ve seen, it’s not the most efficient channel for communication. It’s good to pick up money in motion, people looking to identify new talent and hire a new advisor.

    That’s not to say that blogging doesn’t work — we certainly know it does. I’d like to see what the data looks like when Vestorly’s been up and running longer.

  3. Stephanie Sammons

    I view the blog as the beginning of the conversation (or the launch pad if you will), which extends to and continues through social channels and email via distribution. In that sense it serves not only as a “discovery” asset, but also a service/communication/engagement asset. It creates the conversation. Additionally, it’s the landing pad to attract and drive clients and prospective clients back to “close the loop”.

    Bottom line is I think you can leverage the asset in any way that you want to. This is how we leverage it. Arguably most advisors aren’t using the tool in the right way.

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