Top CEOs of Online Finance

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I try to do my best, covering the online finance scene. In top financial startups, we named some of the best, most interesting and compelling, the best websites for investors.

Now, I’d like to turn my sites to an ongoing experiment in crowdsourcing — who do you think is the best CEO of online finance firms?

I’ve started the conversation, naming a few of the top CEOs of startups tacking the investment space.

Who do you think should rank highest on this list? Who would you add/subtract from the list?

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  1. Johanna Scott

    Hi Zack, thanks for this list. Great to see a number of our startup friends on there! I added our CEO Jon Stein (of Look forward to seeing the results. Johanna

  2. Anonymous

    Hi Zack, nice idea! I’d like to add Jemstep’s CEO, Michael Blumenthal to the list (not sure how to add to your list). Michael’s passion has led Jemstep through three years of development, research and iteration to the point where our patented fund evaluation technology makes powerful and personalized analysis accessible to ordinary investors. In the coming months we are releasing our new portfolio management product which shows investors exactly what to buy, sell or hold to lock-in a more secure retirement, based on their specific circumstances. Michael’s tireless efforts in the industry continue to push Jemstep forward with the aim of helping ordinary, individual investors and our new product will take this to another level.

    Many thanks,
    Best regards,Kevin(COO Jemstep, Inc.)

  3. Guest

    Zack – just went to listly and saw how to add new entries in a snap!

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