How does a foreigner invest in some of the most compelling emerging markets in Asia and the Middle East?   Which geographies should investors be looking seriously at?

I don’t know — but Saudi Price Alaweed does.  And recent guest on Tradestreaming, Jeff Towson does. See my interview with Towson here and here.

He’s also written a book about global investing, What Would Ben Graham Do Now: A New Value Investing Playbook for a Global Age.

He was head of direct investments in the Middle East and Pacific for Alaweed’s barebones (staff of 2 or 3 people), multi-billion dollar, global investment machine.

The Tradestreaming global investing ebook

I’ve created a companion document to Towson’s book.  Or, use it on its own.

My attempt was to condense some of the wisdom in my interviews with Towson along with some of the big concepts in his book.

You can read below and download it as well (to read on the go) by clicking on the download button at the bottom of the document.

How to Go Long Emerging Markets eBook