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Launch your fund with the help of your friends (and $$ off)

Cale Smith is a long time Tradestreaming supporter as we are of him and his efforts.

He’s a money manager and growing a movement, SpokeFund, to assist others in getting their ideas and businesses off the ground.

It’s an interesting bootstrapping model — one that aligns the small business owner/asset manager and investor — and one we spent considerable time understanding and learning about in one of Tradestreaming’s live events.  (See the presentation deck From the Ground Up: Building a Successful Money Management Business.)

Think of Spoke Fund as Lean Startup for investment businesses.

Now for the good part…

Attend FundLaunch with Tradestreaming

If you’re at all interested in learning from Cale’s experience and other investment advisors like him, he’s created FundLaunch.  It’s a 2 day event in Marco Island, Florida -  jam-packed with learning and networking (marketing, trading technology, compliance, etc.).  I wish I could attend.  See below for a brochure of the event.

Cale’s been kind enough to offer Tradestreaming readers a deep discount (60%) on the event.  So, instead of paying $125 to attend (not including travel/hotel), you’ll pay just $50

All I’d ask is if you attend, please submit a write up of what you’ve learned.

That’s an incredible value to learn how to bootstrap your fund off the ground, find more investors and meet with battle-tested professionals.

What to do next

  1. Go here to learn more
  2. Go here to register

FundLaunch 2011: Spoke Fund® Conference Brochure

I wish I could attend.  Maybe next year!

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