As the U.S. continues its internal struggles over the financial direction of the company, investors are focused overseas more and more.


That’s where the growth is.

Well, and it’s also getting easier to access emerging markets with new funds, strategies, research, etc.

I wrote a post over at Wealthfront about ways to access emerging markets beyond BRIC.

And it got me thinking — I could use a one page investment resource for emerging markets.  So here that is…

Why Invest Overseas

Most experts believe that the growth engine driving the economic world is coming from newer geographies.  Estimates vary in terms of the region but relatively, these emerging markets are growing much faster than most — if not all — of the developed world.

You can’t be a big investor in this world and just not be part of this (Jeff Towson on Tradestreaming)

The decade in emerging markets (Bespoke Investment Group)

What makes emerging markets great investments

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Emerging Market Risk

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Emerging Market Studs

As per June 30, 2010 Bloomberg studybest emerging markets investors

Broad Emerging Market ETFs

These funds provide a broad and wide exposure to emerging markets. You’ll have to dig deeper — each is different in how much it weights specific countries.

Single Country ETFs

These funds allow investors to pinpoint their exposure to individual countries.

Emerging Market Bond ETFs

These funds hold local debt, sometimes denominated in local currency and others times in USD.

Emerging Market Sector ETFs

These funds provide investors a vehicle to invest in specific industries/sectors in emerging markets

Emerging Market Dividend ETFs

These funds use dividends, not market cap, to weight their indices.

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