Due to unfortunate circumstances (Mark is sick and we wish him well), we’re forced to call off this session.  We will reschedule shortly.

We’re following up last week’s event on global value investing with a live session with Mark Clare, investor, entrepreneur, and founder of ValueCruncher.

Mark’s written extensively about the competitiveness in the online finance space.

===> He’ll join us to talk about what the future of online financial content has in store, who’s positioned to win, and what other entrepreneurs and executives in the space can do to assure success.  If we’re lucky, he’ll talk about his own experiences founding and growing his own startup in the space.

Please join us Wednesday, July 27th at 4PM ET (1PM PT) live.

It’s free but we’re going to cap attendance at 250. So sign up below beforehand and check back in to Tradestreaming to access the event. (Or, go here at the scheduled time)

Please bring questions and be prepared to ask them (via chat or video) during the session.

Photo credit: Official GDC / VisualHunt.com / CC BY