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Check out the preso from our “building a startup money management biz” event

I was joined by portfolio manager, Cale Smith of Islamorada Investment Management on my “Future of Finance” webinar series yesterday.

Cale addressed his own experiences starting up his own investment firm and the technology, business model and structure he’s used to grow his business over the past 3 years.  Check out our presentation below.

Specifically, we discussed:

  • Why the existing vehicles for your business (mutual/hedge funds) are broken
  • How Smith’s Spoke Funds solve these problems
  • Why Spoke Funds are perfect for managers who are value investors
  • How they lower start-up costs and get into business faster
  • How their transparency is attracting a new class of investor

  • http://www.tradestreaming.com/2011/05/12/free-webinar-from-the-ground-up-building-a-better-money-management-business/ [Free Webinar]: From the ground up: Building a better money management business

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