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Piggyback your way to wealth by learning from others (podcast)

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Building wealth is something everyone (thinks they) wants but few have achieved.

Joining us on Tradestreaming Radio is Todd Tresidder, financial coach. He retired at age 35 and has spent the past 15 years distilling his own experiences into a program that can be taught, learned and replicated. He’s got over 1000 pages of free content — some extremely good — for investors on his website, FinancialMentor.

We discuss:

  • how Todd created his own paper wealth, enabling him to retire at 35
  • what he got wrong originally in trying to teach/coach his methodology
  • how the conventional understanding of the risk-reward continuum is wrong in building personal wealth
  • how Wall Street’s focus on selling products works against growing one’s assets

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Piggyback your way to wealth by learning from others by tradestreaming

About Todd Tresidder


Todd Tresidder retired at age 35 after building and selling a successful hedge fund. He’s dedicated the next 15 years of his life to helping others build wealth for themselves as a financial coach.

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