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Optimizing purchasing decisions and when to buy

Lifehacker had a great email yesterday entitled The Best Times to Buy Anything in 2011.

Well-researched and totally tweaked by crowdsourcing this information, this post defines the most optimal times to purchase specific items throughout the year based on varying criteria.

For example, for some reason, laptops go cheap in April as do Broadway tickets in the 3rd quarter.

My favorite?  I’ll look to buy a car in September, an off-color car in December, and as one commenter suggested, try buying a car on Super Bowl Sunday — the salespeople are distracted and open to low ball offers.

Much of this information and concepts were described in Buy Ketchup in May and Fly at Noon (affiliate link). You can find the author’s website here.


The Best Times to Buy Anything in 2011 (Lifehacker)

More sources for well-timed buying (Lifehacker)

  • http://ergonomiccomputerdesk.org/317212/global-auto-execs-rank-consumer-priorities-of-fuel-efficiency-safety-styling-kpmg-survey/ Global Auto Execs Rank Consumer Priorities of Fuel Efficiency, Safety, Styling: KPMG Survey | Ergonomic Computer Desk

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