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What is Tradestreaming: Piggyback Investing

Learn and invest like the big boys

Tradestreaming is about using social media and Internet resources to plug into the collective investment activities of the world’s best and most profitable investors.  Research has shown that by piggybacking these guru investors — investing in some of the same stocks they’re buying — provides us close to the same returns as we would rack up if the top hedge funds — people like SAC’s Cohen, Berkshire’s Buffett, Carl Icahn and George Soros — managed our portfolios directly.

How to piggyback invest

The great thing about today’s investing environment is that there is an increasing level of transparency to some of the top hedge funds’ activities.  They’re required (or encouraged) to file periodic reports of their holdings.  These reports are a gold mine of information as investors get a window into what these guru investors are investing in or selling out of their portfolios.

With Tradestreaming, we would need millions of dollars of investable assets just for these top funds to consider managing our monies.  Instead, by mimicking hedge fund activity, we essentially outsource our research to the brightest and most profitable funds and invest alongside them.

Sites like AlphaClone and Marketfolly help us decipher exactly what investment funds are doing. There are a lot of tools that can assist in this process.  That’s what Tradestreaming is all about.

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