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Site review: The New Bloomberg.com

In the age of researching investments, tradestreaming, and social media, the new Bloomberg.com site falls flat on its face.

My readers typically know me as a fair, objective reviewer of products and services.  And, in truth, I am.  I‘ve been extremely positive about some of the moves Bloomberg (the company) has taken (especially the scoop-up of consumer business/investing mag, BusinessWeek).  But the redesign of the flagship website, Bloomberg.com, doesn’t impress. You can see the preview site here.

While everyone knows Bloomberg for its business of supplying research terminals to the top banks and investment funds, Bloomberg.com has always been a formidable offering for the consumer.  Arguably, their news is written by journalists with more financial training, turning out articles that go deeper on important issues than do those of the firm’s peers.  The result is one of the top investing websites in 2010.


Bloomberg.com has been derided by their competitors as a half-baked offering.  The quip was that Bloomberg was totally focused on the terminals and didn’t care enough about the Web to invest resources in the site.  So, the redesign (I’d have to think) was an attempt to quell those concerns and show that Bloomberg understands this whole social media investing thing and can develop a product that is as relevant as other top investing resources.

Why the site misses the mark

I know what the peeps at Bloomberg were thinking.  They’ve had a black and orange theme going for years on the site that tried too hard to resemble the look and feel of a terminal monitor.  Also, the old site felt jumbled — it gave the user the feeling that new modules were added-on throughout the life of the site wherever they fit.

So, the new site was designed to undo all this.  White background, bright colorful accents.  But, the site looks unprofessional.  It just does.  It also masks the true depth and volume of content that Bloomberg contains.  It looks unfortunately too much like a spam blog.

The Good News

The good news is that the quality of Bloomberg content has not been diminished and I’m sure I will continue to spend a lot of time on the site, reading, learning and trading.  I’ll still tune in to some of the best financial podcasts anywhere.  I’m just disappointed that this may be the final product.

  • Tom P

    I generally agree with your review. What I personally liked about the old site (besides the color scheme), was that it displayed more information on the main page. I hate having to click each tab on the “Data Insights” section to see gold prices, bond prices, and stock indices. Before you could see everything by just scrolling up and down. I also thought the information on the old site was laid out much better.

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